Kougar Smells

4. "Oh, there's just one more thing..."

or how our adventurers realise the direness of their situation through the lost art of detectery

Taffit, Gretta, Marcus, and Ulrichmeet Fritz, who has been sent to help give the murdered folk at The Four Table and Stallion a proper send off. Taffit investigates the inn bit more and finds a Deed to a nearby castle, Engelhard Keep, amongst the slain von Rutenbergs. The deed is indeed ;) authentic and states that the von Rutenbergs bought the keep from an auction of unclaimed estates. The rest of the gang begins putting some of the bodies to rest, but is unable to complete the work before sundown.

No one is surprised when the night is disturbed by the shambling horde of unburied corpses. As the party fights off the interlopers Gretta is forced to kill the zombie version of her little sister and finds Rutiger fleeing the upstairs, deed in hand. Gretta and Taffit manage to wound Rutiger who shockingly turns into a wolf and attempts to flee. Ulrich sees the wolf leaving, deed in maw, and at the last moment forces the beast to drop it with a well timed spell. With the rest of the zombies defeated, and Rutiger having made good his escape, the remainder of the night is quiet. In the morning they lay the remaining bodies to rest.

Seeing the significance of the deed the party heads off to Engelhard keep. Along the way they encounter a solitary cloaked rider, the rider questions them to their business. Fritz notices his Moor iconography makes the rider uneasy, and swears he can hear him sniffing them. The rider leaves without incident.

Arriving at the hamlet surrounding the keep, the gang books a room at “The Only Inn in Town”. Taffit and Marcus question Saul Engelhard, the owner of the keep. He claims to know nothing and provides a deed with his name on it. The deed is authentic but seems unusually old. Whilst studying his ABC’s in the inn, Ulrich fails to notice the deed being reeled away by a fishing line. He sees it just as it flies out the window, but is too corpulent to give chase.

Returning to Wurtbad Taffit and Gretta go to the Office of Properties and Deeds to acquire another copy of the lost deed. The clerk is surprised to find that the city copy has been stolen. He informs the two that he had hired an assistant a few months ago, and two weeks ago the assistant had skipped town, stealing the clerk’s petty cash and apparently the deed. Gretta smartly asks for the assistant’s description, which was a spot on Rutiger.

Ulrich returns to the Bookstore, where Dirk Mintert takes him to meet Victor Krieg. Victor explains some of the scroll, teaching Ulrich a simple spell, but afterwards refuses to return the original. Victor tells Ulrich he will give him copy if he answers all his questions, but Ulrich instead grabs it and runs for the door. The two old men catch up with Ulrich and a battle of minds ensues. Things escalate when Ulrich pulls out a weapon, surprised and desperate the two pull out weapons of their own. Ulrich sees things are not in his favor and leaves without the page, swearing vengeance.

Gretta and Fritz get jobs at the Keep as a servant and guard respectively, as the rest of the gang hides out in the hamlet. Fritz one day notices a mysterious cloaked man riding into the keep; he describes it to Gretta who determines it to be Rutiger. The two begin snooping around the castle but are caught. Gretta’s cover is blown, but Fritz manages to convince the guard he was the one that caught her by smacking her around a bit. As Fritz and the other guard lock up Gretta, the guard makes a most ominous announcement. “The master will be interested in this when he wakes from his slumber” (it’s nearly nightfall, that’s why this is extra ominous).

Fritz returns to the gate where Ulrich, Marcus, and Taffit roll up. He explains to them the situation and the group must figure out a course of action, darkness falls.



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