Kougar Smells

3. Dial F*** for Fritz Altmann

or introducing a most inscrutable squire

Taking a break from his duties guarding a wayside shrine, Fritz Altmann is summoned by the head of his order, Ulric Vinterfresh, at the church of Morr. Fritz is giving a mysterious page and told to take it to hermitage owned by The Order of the Raven Knights; a more martial group of Morr worshippers. On his journey Fritz encounters some most bumbling orcs, but makes short work of them.

Fritz meets Mattheaus Voelkel, a knight, and is asked to come to the graveyard with him for some divination ingredients. After wasting a few ghouls Fritz and Mattheaus get the ingredients and decipher the spell. Mattheaus tells Fritz the spell is for mass summoning of undead, but is incomplete, he asks to take it to his order in Siegfriedhof for further study.

Upon returning to Wurtbad Fritz discovers Ulric has been replaced by a much more conservative Priest named Thilo Rein, who wants nothing to do with the Raven Knights or any superstitious garbage. Fritz is ordered to go to a nearby coaching inn, The Four Table and Stallion, to properly bury a number of bodies.



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