Kougar Smells

2. Dial M for Many Murderous Monsters

or how our adventurers are waylaid by many curse-ed creatures

Gretta and Taffit make haste for Wurtbad to get Marcus proper medical attention for his now severed leg. Before they leave they grab several pages of dark magicks from the stable boys hovel, and free Ulrich The Foul from the Wardens jail. Ulrich manages to staunch Marcus’ blood loss, earning himself some gratitude from the suspicious road warden.

On the road the gang is waylaid by a large wolf and some dirty cannibals, who Taffit correctly identifies as ghouls. Although the defeat the despicable creatures, several of their horses are lost, the wolf manages to escape, and their cart is broken. Gretta wanders into a nearby hamlet to find a repairman while the others manage to find their mounts, however this has cost the gang most of daylight and Marcus’ condition continues to deteriorate.

The group pushes forward, but as darkness falls and they hear the dolorous howls of many a scary creature they decide to find themselves a fortified position. Locating some ruins the gang surrounds it with torches. Ulrich wanders off in search of spell ingredients, but dilly-dallies a bit too long and finds himself surrounded by zombies. Instead of beating a hasty retreat Ulrich climbs a nearby tree just in time to see a wolf nipping at his heels.

The zombies mass around the house as Marcus, Taffit, and Gretta try and pick them off. The zombies have trouble ascending the ruins, and instead begin pushing on the house in an attempt to topple it. They have some success at first, but as their numbers dwindle whatever force was controlling them seems to give up, and the bodies cease to animate.

In the morning the group makes its way to Wurtbad unharried. Marcus is admitted to the hospital. Taffit is put in charge of the investigation and asked to write a full report, but gets a strong feeling he is just wanted out of the way. Taffit visits the family of a deceased wealthy couple that were staying at the inn, but he is rebuffed most racistly. Gretta gets a job as a servant at the wealthy families house, and learns the couple recently purchased some land at auction.

Gretta claims the land of her departed family, but is also put in charge of dealing with mess. Ulrich goes to Dirk Minterts book store to have one of the dark pages deciphered. Dirk takes the page and says he has a friend who might be able to translate it; in the meantime Ulrich is given an ABC book so that he might learn to read. Taffit takes the second dark page to the temple of Morr, it is sent to an expert who confirms it is a spell for the summoning of undead.



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