Kougar Smells

1. It Always Starts at an Inn

Or how our adventurers meet in a most precarious situation with many machination therein

Welcome to Four Table and Stallion, a most average inn on a backwater road of that most backwater of provinces Stirland. Known for its cheap wine, affordable breakfasts, and humongous privy, the Horse and Four Tables is soon to be known for much more sinister business indeed!

Gretta Falkenhiem is a young lass and daughter of the Falkenhiems’, proprietors of the Inn. Boorish in character but cumly in appearance, Gretta spends her night in the same fashion as she has her whole life; serving the town drunks, flushing the pantry of rats, and being locked in her room to protect her most fleeting chastity.

Rutiger is a cocky noble off to Wurtbad for a barely needed vacation. In the bar Rutiger acts much like one would expect from a fratboy; engaging in games of chance, attempting to woo the aforementioned cumly lasses, and encouraging the local drunks into tormenting an unsuspecting Halfling.

Taffit Manglepie is a most unsuspecting Halfling Fieldwarden. Having been sent to Wurtbad from the Moot as part of an officers exchange program, Taffit is unfamiliar with the crazy racist ways of the locals, and soon finds himself badly beaten and strung up like a piñata.

Enter two different strange odors, shortly followed by Ulrich The Foul. Ulrich is a Hedgewizard on the lam. Having been exposed in his native Wissenland for that most heinous crime of witchery, Ulrich journeys to Wurtbad for a fresh start, and maybe a chance to increase his power. Due to his general unpleasantness, Ulrich is only allowed to spend the night in the stables, where he finds a most battered and unconscious Halfling.

As the players rest (save for Rutiger who follows Mrs. Falkenhiem into the basement for a sordid liaison) trouble is brewing. Taffit and Ulrich awaken to the sound of shouts, Ulrich seeing a shadowy figure flee. A roadwarden arrives and discovers everyone in the Inn save for the Players have been brutally murdered (cue organ).

Marcus the roadwarden takes statements from the players. Taffit, being an officer of the law and having the most excellent alibi of being tied up and unconscious, is quickly deemed innocent. Gretta having been locked in her room is also cleared. Rutiger’s nobility and charm put him beyond reproach. Ulrich is however highly suspected, and entrusted to Taffit to tie up and guard.

The investigation begins, but Taffit is clearly not ready for the big leagues, having spent his life in the sleepy moot. Several important clues are missed, including a most damning trail of blood leading up from the basement. The gang does discover that the differently-abled Stable boy was not amongst the bodies counted, and also that the transpirings had the mark of necromancy apon them. This casts further doubt on Ulrich, who is locked in the roadwardens jail as the gang goes to investigate the stable boys hovel.

The stable boys hovel has an air which only Ulrich could appreciate. Catching the stable boy performing some dark rite things seem painfully clear, or are they? In the ensuing melee, Rutiger expounds his theory that it was impossible for the stable boy to commit the crime alone, and that Marcus provided no alibi and appeared with far too convenient timing. Taffit was won over by this and struck Marcus, allowing Rutiger to deliver a severing blow to his leg. Rutiger then slew the stable boy. Seeing his chance to finish things Rutiger lashed out at Taffit, who only barely dodged the blow. Rutiger felt a debilitating pain. Ulrich had become wise to him and begun stabbing a crude voodoo doll he had constructed in jail. Rutiger seeing his odds as less favorable fled, as the gang stayed and tended to a critically wounded Marcus.

So it turns out Caleb truly is a bastard and was messing with them the whole time. Even though he had no alibi, and the trail of blood leading from Mrs. Twillemeyer’s body to the basement where they had their liaison should have blown his cover. Instead he tricked Johann into helping him maim the only person that had treated him decently in the game.

Way to go Johann.



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