Fritz Altmann

Squire of Mor


Main Stats: WS 42 BS 31 S 39 T 39 AG 32 INT 28 WP 25 FEL 38

Secondary Stats: W 14 Mag 1 IP 1

Skills: Animal Care, Charm, Gossip, Ride, Animal Training, Dodge Blow, Reikspiel, Lip Reading, Charm Animal, Intimidate +10, Knowledge Religion

Talents: Etiquette, Specialist (Cavalry), Strike Mighty Blow, Resist Magic, Acute Hearing

Trappings: Mail Shirt, Mail Coif, Leather Jack, Shield, Demilance, Sword, Horse, Orc Armour

Spells: Preserve Corpse, Blessing of Courage, Blessed Weapon

4 gold, 11 silver, 10 brass

50 xp, 550 total xp


Age: 26, Gender: Male, Eye Colour: Green, Hair Colour: Copper, Height: 5’11” Siblings: 0

Star Sign: Gloaming, Birthplace: Arable Farm in Talabecland

Fritz has a broken nose, a missing finger and a mangled ear. Also a clear voice.

Fritz Altmann

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