Taffit Manglepie

A halfling fieldwarden far from home


Main stats: WS 29BS 52S 19T 30 – Ag 45 – Int 35 – WP 37 – Fel 36

Secondary stats: A 1W 12SB 1TB 3M 5 – Mag 0 – IP 0FP 2

Trappings: Sling, Sword – Leather Jack, Leather Skull Cap – Lantern, Lamp oil, Spade, Pony (saddle + harness), rite(officers), purse(1gc, 6s, 9p)

Talents: Night vision, Resist Chaos, Weapon (sling), Hardy, Fleet Footed, Rapid Reload, Quick Draw, Savvy, Mighty Shot

Skills: Perception, Search, Concealment, Silent Move, Knowledge (Necromancy), Follow Trail, Outdoor Survival



Age 36, male, Brown eyes, 75 lbs, Yellow hair, 3’5”, Rya’s Cauldron, 6 siblings, Born on the Moor

Has warts, a nose ring, and he stu..stu..stutters.

The Manglepie history starts with Taffit’s great grandfather Lobit (prior to him they were unknown in the vast Tales of the Moot).

Lobit Manglepie was an odd halfling for he was unable to make pie! Every time he would attempt to make the grandest of pastries it would come out more of a mash of fruits (occasionally meats, vegetables, and once even a rock) and crust (and the crust wasn’t very good either). When he was young his fellows in the warren would taunt and tease him for his lack of culinary skill. This lead him to great anger which he was able to use later in life when he became a Field Warden.

His life was normal for the next 23 years: he started a small family (only 3 or 4 kids), built himself a descent enough hole, and was moderately successful at his job. It was about this time that a few green skinned folk decide to make some trouble for our friend Lobit.

The Empires historians tend to not mention when the short folk manage to fend off invaders without their help, but this is one of those times. A large Orc Chieftain from the east decide to try and take over the Moot. It just so happened that Lobit was the first Field Warden to encounter the invading forces. They wanted to catch the halflings napping (which they do tend to do a lot), but Lobit managed to alert them of the attackers. The surprise attack had failed, but the Orcs would not be quick to give up. Lobit was made the commanding officer in charge of removing the Orc menace. It took him several months, but eventually all of the green skins were killed. From then on Lobit famous throughout the Moot (and no one made fun of his pies anymore).

There isn’t much to be said of Lobit’s descendent’s until Taffit. His son and grandson (Taffit’s grandfather and father respectively) lived normal halfling lives. They started a popular line of pies, called Manglepies , which were much tastier then Lobit’s original version. Their pie recipe made the Manglepie family quite rich by halfling standards. This is about when Taffit comes into the picture. He is the youngest of his 6 siblings and the only one to become a field warden. The rest of them joined the family business of making Manglepies.

Taffit believes that his family name was made by a fighter, not a baker. Lobit is his idol and he plans to make him proud. After working as a Field Warden for several years he was asked to join an officers exchange program with Averland. He left the Moot on his trusty pony Bill, with basic supplies and an officers rite.

Taffit Manglepie

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